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Proxy modeling

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Life Insurance Proxy Modelling

Our product is dedicated for actuaries working on capital modelling in Internal Model. It allows to reduce risk and produce more accurate SCR figures as well as improve cost-effectivness of proxy modelling process by:

  • Data preprocessing – automatically handle missing values in (outer) risk scenario data
  • Model Selection – automatically recognize important interactions between risk drivers, model traditional actuarial estimators as well as novel machine learning algorithms such as boosting machines and neural networks
  • Risk Monitoring – compare models and visually inspect results to select best strategy for your proxy modelling problem. Use Explainable AI to understand black-box models.
  • Model Deployment – save all phases for model deployment.

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Simplified proxy modelling process
with Quantee Platform

Usage of cloud deployed platform for proxy modelling with automated data preprocessing enhanced actuarial models and understandable plots allows to simplify process workflow.