Insurers and reinsurers are starting to take advantage of rapidly growing data and becoming more AI-driven.

Moreover, a lot of risk and actuarial departments sill use old-fashioned manual processes that can be automated and optimized with advanced statistics and algorithms. Our mission is to mix the latest artificial intelligence technology with broad statistical knowledge so that we build models that fully utilize our client’s data and improve cost-effectiveness as well as predictability.

A great question appears – are you ready to transform your organization and processes to leverage the power of machine learning?

Our experienced team works in Quantee offices or at the client’s place to gather the data, tailor a model and explain the results to stakeholders in an understandable way with interactive dashboards and visualizations.


Underwriting and pricing automation

The underwriting process includes a lot of manual work to assess the profitability and riskiness of an application. We have developed machine learning algorithms to simplify and automate underwriter’s work. When it comes to the pricing cycle, the conventional methodologies such as burning cost can be greatly improved with stochastic and AI approach to reduce costs and boost predictability.

Actuarial modelling

Qualified actuaries will analyze, implement and validate all complex Solvency II topics such as economic scenario generation, risk calibrations and stochastic modelling in any technology that is suitable for your organization. We are experts in Internal Model, proxy modelling and statistical analysis with several years of experience in actuarial departments.

Actuarial processes optimization

The complexity of Solvency II reporting is constantly growing with a lot of time spent on manual corrections and rerunning of processes. With recent technologies, programming skills and actuarial knowledge we are ready to optimize and automate your reporting processes.

Claims and loss prediction

It is extremely important to assess risk and predict claim frequency and loss severity in both life and non-life insurance. We implement models that are able to detect risks early leading to a huge competitive advantage for an insurer.

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Enhance your business process with beautiful interactive dashboards. Our dedicated experts will discuss your expectations, develop and maintain Python Dash applications.

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