Technologies we use

Actuarial Data
Science Platform

Quantee ActuAI Platform is easy-to-use, secure and auditable cloud-based solution for actuarial departments in the insurance and reinsurance sectors. It is software designed by actuaries for actuaries to automate, enhance and accelerate traditional actuarial processes with automated machine learning algorithms, explainable AI and understandable visualizations.

Actuarial Processes

We have dedicated products for actuarial tasks in which data science advantage can be utilized. Actuaries using our software can analyse and deploy statistical models for insurance pricing, claim prediction, proxy modelling or lapse analysis.

Automated Machine Learning

The platform uses automated machine learning to preprocess data, evaluate models and generate predictions. It reduces administrative costs and the number of repetitive tasks for actuaries.

Explainable AI

Dashboards, reports and interactive visualizations reduce the black-box-ness of risk and statistical models. The analysis of results is understandable with Explainable AI algorithms.



Leading the way in advanced algorithms for insurance

Quantee provides actuarial data science solutions in the insurance sector.

Our ActuAI platform enables insurers and reinsurers to utilize all the benefits of a machine learning approach with minimum effort.

Our experienced consultants work in Quantee offices or at the client’s site to gather the data, tailor a model and explain the results to stakeholders in an understandable way with interactive dashboards and visualizations.

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  • Simone Auer

    General Manager, Group Risk Management Dynamic Financial Analysis

    Hannover Re

    Quantee perfectly well combines actuarial and programming experience. They proved to have a very good idea of our needs and helped us to find the right solutions. Quantee were flexible partners in a project with challenging deadlines and in co-operation with different departments.

  • Oliver Kipcic

    Managing Director

    Oliver James Associates

    The team at Quantee provides actuarial and data science solutions to our clients in Germany. Quantee worked with us on several projects and we are very convinced and satisfied about their work they did and still do!


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ActuAI as Model Serving Infrastructure

ActuAI comes with a possibility to write an external plugin in Python or R and load it at any actuarial modelling step to the platform.