Quantee ActuAI

Actuarial Data Science Platform

Reduce costs, enhance predictive force and improve models explainability by merging traditional actuarial processes with novel data science techniques.

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Actuarial Processes

Quantee ActuAI Platform is easy-to-use, secure and auditable cloud-based solution for actuarial departments in the insurance and reinsurance sectors. It is a software designed by actuaries for actuaries to automate, enhance and accelerate traditional actuarial processes with automated machine learning algorithms, explainable AI and understandable visualizations.

Actuarial Data Science Modules

Quantee ActuAI Platform currently contains four modules dedicated for insurance and reinsurance companies that would like to harness the power of their data using actuarial data science.

Insurance Pricing

Enhance non-life pricing with automated machine learning

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Lapse Prediction

Churn analysis with data science techniques

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Claim Prediction

Substitute traditional techniques with advanced algorithms and visualizations

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Proxy Modelling

Enhance SCR calculations using Monte Carlo and data science methods.

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Simplified Actuarial Process
with ActuAI Platform

Usage of cloud deployed platform for insurance pricing with automated data preprocessing enhanced actuarial models and understandable plots allows to simplify process workflow.